High precision control of surface roughness

The deburring/polishing method known as the Micro Machining Process (MMP TECHNOLOGY®),  is a mechanical-physical-catalyst surface treatment applied to items placed inside a treatment tank.

=> MMP TECHNOLOGY® can provide highly accurate selective surface finishes.

MMP TECHNOLOGY® begins with a detailed analysis of the surface state of the item to be treated. The processing parameters required to meet the customer’s objectives are then determined with a degree of precision that is unique on the market


Validation process

Technical validation

• Analysis of the surface of the workpiece by measuring the roughness

• Taking into account the characteristics of processed materials

• Setting objectives and constraints of the customer

• Completion of at least 3 MMP processing and choice of treatment by the customer

Industrial validation

• The treatment is applied to an optimal production batch quantity = initial surface roughness bell curve

• Quality process is determined and implemented = traceability and control

• The customer checks and validates the industrial process

Industrial Production

• Validation of results by the customer

• Preparation of production schedules with the customer

• Improvement Plan and measurement of service level


Impact on treated surfaces:

  • Mechanical properties are not altered
  • Hardening is minimized
  • Material does not undergo creep during process
  • Process is approved for parts used in medical applications:
  • instrumentation, implants.
MMP Brochure

MMP TECHNOLOGY® Quality Certification:

  • ISO 9001
  • AS 9100 – EN 9100
  • ISO 13485