Screw Head Punches, Cutting and Stamping Dies

High-Precision Control of Surface Roughness  
Screw Head Punches and Cutting and Stamping Dies

What we offer

The MMP TECHNOLOGY® can prepare the surface of a punch and die to control the friction coefficient, thus increasing the lifetime of the tool. This improvement in a lifetime could also be achieved through preparation before a PVD coating on the punch and die and a post-MMP treatment on the PVD itself. The MMP TECHNOLOGY® increases the lifetime of the PVD coating, so the lifetime of the tool. Depending on the specific application, materials, and usage conditions, the tool’s lifespan can be enhanced by up to 15% to 10 times its original duration.





Our Technology

The technical benefits of using MMP include friction reduction and improved lubrication: resulting in a more consistent oil film. Other benefits include superior adhesion of thin coatings (such as PVDs) and reduced seizing and sticking after PVD treatment.


MMP technology offers many applications to different market segments

Added Values

The MMP TECHNOLOGY® treatment guarantees homogeneity, performance, and reliability for all industries utilizing the MMP® process.


Decrease Roughness after PVD coating

MMP treatment reduces the roughness of the PVD and eliminates droplets, thus improving tool life and operation without changing neither the other properties nor the thickness of the PVD.

Homogeneity and Reproducibility

MMP processing uses a totally controlled flow to micro-machine the surfaces of the treated parts perfectly homogeneously in the processing chamber.
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