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MMP Technology is on line !

Join us on a special webinar to discover MMP Technology and special application on “TRANSMISSION” on June 24th at 14:00 (GMT+1).
MMP Technology is the special process that improve drastically surface efficiency.
Transmission has limited life-time due to bad condition of surface : friction, wearing and lubrication topics.
MMP Technology is the solution to perform the surface characteristics and meet the highest performance without any addition of materials.
Feel free to attend MMP Technology’s presentation by Frederic BAJARD COO of Binc Group on June 24th at 14:00 (GMT+1)
Follow the link, look at the presentation and interact afterward to know more about our solutions.

Gotomeeting :

Tools with mirror-smooth surfaces: HAM polished even more thoroughly


HAM-Hartmetalwerkzeugfabrik Andreas Maier is focusing on a new process the MMP TECHNOLOGY ®  (Micro Machining Process) owned by the Swiss company BINC INDUSTRIES: the selective processing of microstructure roughness allows to refined surfaces of solid carbide (VHM) tools highly precisely. The cutting tools thus treated have significantly better surfaces than conventionally polished. HAM has secured with BINC INDUSTRIES SA, the European-wide exclusive right to use the MMP TECHNOLOGY ® for an essential part of its portfolio for this procedure.

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